Elevate your Nonprofit with a Media Campaign

You run a nonprofit or NGO and struggle to fundraise, recruit volunteers, and raise awareness.

The most effective way of doing this is through visual storytelling. But you don't have the budget, time, or skill to create professional documentary-style photos or video. I can help!

I'm available to provide gratis photodocumentary services to select NGOs & nonprofits locally or internationally. Missions near and dear to me include environmental conservation, water stewardship, sustainable development, and youth development.

I practice ethical photography; you can read my mission and ethics statements here and see a list of some completed projects.

My experience is based on several local and international nonprofit projects, and notably, my experience as an Accredited Associate at Photographers Without Borders.

You can view some examples via the Portfolio link in the menu.

The process

Please let me know if professional documentary photography could help your nonprofit!

Click here to fill out a simple application via Google Forms.

I'll review your application and let you know if it's a good fit! If we decide to move forward, we'll arrange several meetings before the project. Please be ready to discuss:

• Goals for the project
• Details of your mission statement (what is the problem, is it solvable, what's the barrier to solving it, and how do you do that) 
• Proposed itinerary that will allow proper documentation of your projects
• Required timeline
• Accommodations and transportation availability for locations outside the northern California/Nevada region.
• International travel documentation requirements
• Other legal considerations for special access requirements or sensitive locations/populations

I typically fundraise for travel expenses if not already covered via mileage programs; I request that a safe place is provided for sleeping (don't need five-star accommodations, just a place to rest). There are no monetary obligations of the nonprofit or NGO.

Nonprofits typically give me an introduction to the people & places upon arrival at the location. Then the work starts, documenting the nonprofit's projects for a period from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the goals and scope of the projects.

The deliverables

Post-production starts once the project is complete and I'm back home.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for post-production, depending on the length and complexity of the project.

Here's what you'll get:

Private, password-protected gallery of edited photos ready for download (50-300 depending on project scope).
Short video montages for social media and web use if desired. Longer features are not produced.
• One 1,000-word article that highlights your nonprofit.
Two-week long social media campaign. I will select the photos and write the captions that best tell the stories but do not post them to your social accounts.
License granting you royalty-free use of photos in newsletters, websites, and social media campaigns.

The catch

There is no catch!

Countless people donate money to nonprofits that are important to them. Rather than donating money, I donate photography. In some regards, photography is more important than money. Fundraising is nearly impossible without good visuals.

All I ask is that

1) I'm provided a safe place to rest my head at night and
2) I retain the copyright for all photos and can publish them in my portfolio, except in instances where we specifically identify sensitive scenes that should be withheld from the general public.

Qualifications & capabilities

• Conversational Spanish
• Underwater photography (Rescue Diver certification)
• Aerial photography (FAA-licensed Part 107)
• Physical fitness for backpacking long distances
• Certified Wilderness First Responder