I have a different take on "lifestyle" portraits than what you may be used to seeing during your photographer search, and it comes from my experience in documentary photography. These sessions lean more on the documentary aspect.

Are you an artist, like a potter or basket weaver? I will come to your studio and document your creative process, as a fly on the wall, allowing you to do your thing while I capture the photos.

Are you an athlete, like a mountain biker or climber? I'll scout out your favorite trails or climbing spot for the best angles and photographic opportunities, then document your adrenaline-fueled day.

Are you a volunteer, someone who gives back to the world in one form or another? This extraordinary work should be shared with the world, and you'll have your own mini-photodocumentary of your commitment. This is also my background in nonprofit photography.

Are you...anyone else who is passionate about something, and wants to memorialize that passion?

This is what lifestyle portraits are all about.


Up to three hours, but usually completed much sooner. Extra time allotted for the unknown variables.

Anywhere in the Reno/Tahoe area where you can do your thing - you choose!
I'm available to travel out of the area with mileage added to the final invoice.

• Private online gallery with proofs from the session.
• Five digital retouched photos of your choosing.
*Prints and additional retouched photos available as extra.

$340 with $100 refundable deposit due at booking.



All scheduling can be done online. Click here to check my availability and reserve your time. A $100 deposit is due at booking; the remainder will be collected after the session via cash or credit card. The deposit may be refunded for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to the session.

I'll have you fill out a short survey during scheduling just to give me an idea of who you are and the types of photos that we're going to create together. I'll follow that up with some specific questions to be sure that we're set up for success during the session.

Session blocks are for three hours, but if we're rocking the photos and get it all in less time, we can call it a day, and usually will. But sometimes things come up that require a little extra time, and that's built-in. If travel to/from a remote location on foot will take more than 30 minutes, please contact me before scheduling to be sure we have enough time.

The scheduling calendar is between 7AM-7PM but I'm totally fine with early mornings or late evenings; again, contact me prior to scheduling for times outside of that.


I'll meet you at any location in the Reno-Tahoe area. This could be at your studio, favorite recreation location, place of business, and so on.

I'm good traveling by foot, through snow, on a rope, or on the water. For any of these kinds of "specialty" locations requiring special equipment or skills, please contact me prior to scheduling.

We're going to make these photos where we can really highlight who you are!


Just consider me a shadow, a fly on the wall while you do your thing. I'll stay out of the way as much as I can, making photodocumentary-style photos.

I'll capture the details, the wide-angle photos, and candid photos. Occasionally I may ask you to do something for a proper portrait too, but for the most part, I want you to not even know that I'm there. This will give you more freedom to be you, and more natural-looking photos.


In addition to your personalized photoshoot on-location, you'll also get your own password-protected online gallery where you view photos from the session.

All of the photos you see in your gallery will be the ones I've chosen from the session and lightly processed. I am not going to dump all photos from the session into the gallery. You don't have time to go through hundreds - even thousands - of photos! I'll do that, leaving you with a great selection to choose from.

All you need to do is tell me which five photos are your favorites and I'll do some extra retouching on those photos and deliver high-resolution files. You may also order prints if desired.

Want more? No problem, just select the photos you want me to retouch in your private gallery. These can be purchased extra. This keeps your initial fees low and risk-free, with options after the shoot to upgrade.

• One additional photo: $40
• Three additional photos: $90
• Five additional photos: $125
• Ten additional photos: $200
• Twenty additional photos: $300

You may also purchase various types of prints directly from the gallery from one of my vendors.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or aren't sure if you're a good fit for these sessions. I'll be more than happy to discuss it with you. You can call me at 530-318-3302 or use the email icon on this page.