Licensing and Usage Terms

Nearly all photos on John Peltier Photography may be licensed for various uses except where model or property releases were not obtained, depending on the desired use of the photo.


John Peltier holds the copyright to all images contained on this website.


The Rights-Managed license is the most popular.

These images are used for a one-time single purpose, such as on a book cover, in a digital advertising campaign, or within a magazine article.

Rights-Managed licenses are typically the most affordable due to their limited, targeted use.

This is a non-exclusive license, meaning that John Peltier still retains copyright and may license the same photo to other clients. The image may only be used in accordance with the terms of the license. Any additional placement or use of the photo requires a separate license. The buyer may not sub-license the photo.

A Rights-Managed license can also be tailored to a client's budget by limiting the image resolution, licensing duration, etc.


With a Royalty-Free License, the buyer pays a one-time fee and may then use the photo in perpetuity across various media types and publications, subject to certain restrictions in the license. For example, if a photo does not have a model or property release, its use will be limited. However, the photo may be used as many times as needed as long as it stays within those limits.

The Royalty-Free License is also non-exclusive, meaning that John Peltier still holds the copyright to the photo and may license it to other buyers. The buyer may not sub-license the photo.

Royalty-Free licenses are typically more expensive than Rights-Managed licenses due to their nearly unlimited usage terms.


I do also offer Exclusive-Use licenses on a limited basis.

An Exclusive-Use License is a copyright-buyout, meaning that the buyer now owns the copyright to the photo. John Peltier transfers all ownership and deletes that file from all archives, never to use the photo again. The buyer may then use or license the photo as they wish.

Exclusive-Use licenses are the most expensive, and the price will depend on the value the photographer is giving up by selling the copyright.


The following uses are prohibited:

• Any use without a license, other than for a personal blog.
• Any use that could be deemed defamatory, illegal, obscene, or pornographic.
• Any commercial use (to make money) for an editorial-use license.
• Any sublicensing of photos other than after an exclusive copyright buyout.
• Any use that would bring disrepute to John Peltier, as deemed by me.
• Any use that goes against my own personal values.

With all of that said, it's easy to obtain a license as long as you have good intentions! To learn more about how to obtain a license, visit my Contact page.