One of the best things you can do for yourself - for branding, business, agencies, and more - is to get a great professional headshot or portrait that brings out your best features, both on the surface and below.

These studio headshot and portrait sessions are tailored to who you are as an individual. I'll learn about who you are, what makes you tick, what you're going to do with the photos, and then tailor the session to that. We'll use different lighting & styling techniques for drastically different photos depending on the mood you're looking for.


Headshots are generally only above the chest. They're fairly standard, but we can still adjust the style of the photo for some unique looks. 

Portraits will be of all different lengths and will also include headshots. Portraits give us much more creative freedom, allowing us to work with more themes if that's what you want to do.

Both headshots and portraits are photographed against a solid background, either white, gray, or black, and with different lighting setups to give you options and bring out your personality.


Up to an hour and a half (usually completed sooner).

• Private online gallery with proofs from the session.
• Two digital retouched photos of your choosing.
*Prints and additional retouched photos available as extra.

$150 with $75 refundable deposit due at booking.


Up to three hours (usually completed sooner).

• Private online gallery with proofs from the session.
• Three digital retouched photos of your choosing.
*Prints and additional retouched photos available as extra.

$200 with $100 refundable deposit due at booking.


Keeping in mind what I've learned about you, I'll use a variety of different lighting styles to bring out your personality and best look.

You will get to see the photos as we move through the session. After a handful of photos, we'll review what we've done and make some small adjustments. At the end of the session, we'll go through the photos together and pick out our favorites.

Most sessions give us time for at least one change of clothes. The headshots may run a little longer after a clothing change but that's fine.

Speaking of time, I don't like to rush anything because it will show in your photographs. We'll get you loosened up so you're feeling comfortable in front of the camera. If you already feel at home there, then we'll probably be able to wrap up in half the allotted time.

Never posed before? Don't worry, this isn't posing. It's being yourself, and I'll coax it out of you! Everyone who sees your photos will think you're a seasoned pro. This is supposed to be fun!


I do not have an in-house stylist, nor am I partnered with any. If you are comfortable doing your own hair & makeup, just make sure it's how you want it!

Go light on the makeup, just as you normally would, don't think you need to exaggerate it for the camera. Otherwise, there are plenty of local stylists who would love to fix you up before the session.


Please bring a couple of options with different styles and colors. Just make sure they're appropriate for the end-use - i.e. for corporate headshots, bring clothing appropriate for the dress code.

No matter what you choose to bring, be sure you're comfortable in it!

As a general rule, solid colors with simple patterns work best.


All sessions are scheduled online but you can always call me with questions first. Click here to check my calendar.

When you see a date & time that works for you, you may reserve that spot with a 50% deposit, refundable only outside of 24 hours prior to the session. The remainder will be collected at the end of the session. Cash and all major credit cards accepted.

Try to allow some time between the session and your next commitment so you're not feeling rushed - that will show in the photos! As mentioned previously, we're going to take our time so you're looking as natural as possible.


Headshots: Up to an hour and a half + 2 retouched photos - $150
Portraits: Up to three hours + 3 retouched photos - $200

In addition to your personalized photoshoot, different styles, a wardrobe change, and an in-session photo review, you'll also get your own password-protected online gallery.

All of the photos you see in your gallery will be the ones we chose at the end of the session, plus a few others I chose, with some light retouching. 

All you need to do is tell me which 2 (headshots) or 3 (portraits) photos are your favorites and I'll do some extra retouching on those photos, like fixing stray hairs and removing blemishes, and deliver the high-resolution files.

Want more? No problem, just select the photos you want me to retouch in your private gallery. These can be purchased extra. This keeps your initial fees low and risk-free, with options after the shoot to upgrade.

• One additional photo: $40
• Three additional photos: $90
• Five additional photos: $125
• Ten additional photos: $200
• Twenty additional photos: $300

You may also purchase various types of prints directly from the gallery from one of my vendors.


The studio is located at 987 Edgewood Cir. Ste H, South Lake Tahoe CA 96150. It's by appointment only, and those hours are typically between 7AM-7PM.

What about home visits?
I can do the portrait sessions in your home as well; visit Lifestyle Portrait Sessions for details.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. You can call me at 530-318-3302 or use the email icon on this page.

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